Those of you who are sunburnt and still have ringing in your ears might have been to a festival called The Wickerman Festival. We were certainly there and enjoyed every minute of it!

When we weren’t going bonkers in the crowd or dancing at silly hours of the morning in the reggae tent, we were of course getting ready to stand up on that main stage and sing our wee hearts out. For two little Scottish lassies standing on the same stage as the likes of Martha Reeves and Dizzee Rascal was a bit daunting but we managed it.

It was our second time at the festival which is situated in our home of Galloway! The year before we had performed to a bunch of toddlers in the children’s tent, Disney songs included of course but things were a little different this time round.

Nerves were calmed by the fact that we had our very own dressing room. Couches, toaster, kettle, bed and even a typewriter all included.

Then it was time to plug in and get our singing voices switched on.



It was lovely to see a whole bunch of people braving the scorching heat and hangovers from the wild night before to come and watch us perform. Slow dancing with loved ones, clapping like crazy and we even witnessed one man dancing on his hands to one of our songs. We were welcomed warmly by the crowd and by the sunshine.

We were also very kindly asked for an interview from ITV News! If you’d like to see our mermaid faces… click here.

Peace oot!

The Mermaids.


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