London and The Royal Albert Hall


T’was our first time in London and it was definitely a time to remember. (That sounded like a line from ‘The Night Before Christmas’, just us? Yes? No? Anyway!) Well well well, still struggling to use the right words to describe it but we think that’s good. It was so good that we can’t describe it with words!

We left for London on Wednesday night arriving early on Thursday morning and ran aboot London looking for our hotel with about 18 items of luggage. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe 17 items of luggage. We found the hotel soon after and it was lovely (Ellen stole a whole double bed for herself)

Then it was time for a wander. We’re wee country lassies so the big city of London was a lot different from what we’re used to but lovely all the same. For a good few hours on the first day we were complete tourists, taking endless photos of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.


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Also met up with our family, our parents and brothers and sister, who came from all over the place to be in London to see us.

Then it was Friday and it was time for The Royal Albert Hall. Typical girls that we are, we spent more time doing our make up and eating chocolate than we did actually thinking about what was just about to happen. The night before we’d strolled up to The Albert Hall to have a look and realised then how huge it actually is, so we had a rough idea of what to expect.

By around 5pm we arrived at the stage door and had a look around. Our dressing room, complete with fancy mirror with fancy lights, (you’ll see all this in our video diary) the endless curved corridors and the hall itself. It’s absolutely surreal when you first step out from behind the stage into that venue, couldn’t even see the ceiling. But what we found amusing is that we weren’t getting nervous at all, we’d got nervous before performing in front of around 10 people, this was over 5,000 and we were more excited than anything.

We hadn’t even got on that stage yet and everything was blowing us away. To top it all off we met Joss Stone when we were wandering back to our dressing room. She was lovely and even came to watch us soundcheck!

After soundcheck everything was all set and all we had to do was wait as we heard the venue filling up. We watched the time tick by and got ourselves ready by dancing about the room (not very well) Then it was time.

We waited by the stage as they announced ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats, The Mermaids will be on stage in one minute.’ The longest minute of our lives. But the minute ended and it was time for us to do our thang.

The whole thing felt like a dream. Shortest 25 minutes of our lives, which was the complete opposite to the mere minute before hand. The audience were very welcoming. The cheered for us when we said it was our first time in London and they gasped when we told them what ages we are. It was the night of our lives and we won’t forget it in a hurry.






Then we had the pleasure of watching Jools & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra perform from a box right across from the stage. His skills on piano are insane and every member of that band knew what they were doing. He was joined by the likes of Joss Stone, Marc Almond and Ruby Turner. Was a great show and we can’t wait to do it all over again in Newcastle!

So, we better go get ready for four shows in a row. Newcastle two and Glasgow the other!

See some of you there, much love.

The Mermaids.

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