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We always write really short posts on here, thought we’d attempt to write a slightly longer one this time round! Sorry if it bores you, feel free to take a nap halfway through.

Today we were sat, eating noodles most probably, and the whole ‘us supporting Jools on tour’ thing finally started to properly sink in. Two weeks is not a long time, we only have two weeks, two weeks, two…

So, what’s to be done?

Rehearsing. Every. Single. Day. We’re going to be performing a few new songs on this tour, then again, the vast majority of people watching us will never have seen us before! It’ll all be new to them. But the new songs are getting rehearsed and the old songs are getting rehearsed and the oldish new songs and the newish old songs.

We also came up with the idea of making a video diary of the entire Jools tour, in three parts. People seemed to like that idea. This needs to be planned a little more and when we say ‘planned’ we mean we need to buy some better batteries for our camera.

Part one will be all about London/The Royal Albert Hall and will probably mainly consist of us going pure mentoooo as we’ve never been in either place before. We’ll only be spending three days in London town but in that space of time we plan on seeing as much as we can, country lassies like us get excited when we’re in the city. Expect a lot of ‘IT’S BIG BEN.’ ‘IT’S BUCKINGHAM PALACE.’ ‘IT’S THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM.’ But enough about sightseeing… The Royal Albert Hall is of course the first thing on our minds.

Obviously we don’t know how we’re going to feel when we walk into that venue for the first time on the 28th November, or when we stand on that stage for the first time but we know it’s going to be something we’ve never felt before. We’ll try not to cry. Our first gig outwith Scotland, who would’ve thought. Lovely as well that our parents and four older siblings are going to experience it all with us. Even a few local friends and fans are travelling all the way down south just to see us!

And as if the venue wasn’t enough we’ll be sharing the stage with Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, Joss Stone, Ruby Turner and Marc Almond!

Part two of the video diary will be in Newcastle where we’ll be performing two nights in a row at Newcastle City Hall, 3rd and 4th December! We recently visited Newcastle for the first time to see Paolo Nutini in concert (He’s even more attractive in real life.) Can’t wait to return and let the folk hear us mermaids! Once again sharing the night with Jools and Joss.

Part three will be in the more familiar toon of Glasgae, for yet another two nights, 5th and 6th Decemeber! We always enjoy playing to the Glasgow folk but never has it been a crowd quite as large as we’ll be facing at The Clyde Auditorium. We’re sure it’ll be a lovely end to a lovely tour for us and we can’t wait to let you all see what we get up to!

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Better go rehearse and pick outfits and eat more noodles.

Thanks if you managed to read all that without getting bored!

Much love,

The Mermaids.



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